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Itsuwa Kogyo co.. LTD. (Hereafter, called our company) thinks that it is an important obligation to treat individual information related to the customer properly, and provides a "Protection of Individual Information Policy" as follows.

In regards to collecting personal information

We may collect personal information in the following cases.

  • When contacting us
  • When applying for service to our company

In regards to the use of personal information

We will use personal information collected from customers for the following purposes.

  • For contacting customers
  • For answers to customer inquiries
  • For serving customers

Provision of personal information to third parties

Our company never releases personal information to third parties, except when corresponding information that our company has collected from our customers.
However, in the following cases.

  • When there is agreement from the person in question
  • In the case of a request from a public office, such as a request from the police
  • In the case of an application of law

About the disclosure of personal information, correction, etc.

Our company will make swift efforts to respond whenever a customer contacts us with an inquiry about personal information provided by that customer or with a request for changes relating to that information.

Inquiries concerning protection of personal information

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Itsuwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

3-510, Chohai, Nagagute-shi, Aichi, Japan 480-1114

TEL 0561-63-2141
FAX 0561-63-2128