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Support Information(FAQ)


Q.Where is the production base of the jig?

A.We decide where to produce the jig based on the needs of the customer.
  Either in Japan or overseas (China).

Q.Is it possible to analyze jigs?

A.Yes. It is possible. Please inquire in detail.

Q.What kind of manufacturing method is there?

A.Lost wax casting, sand mold casting, stainless steel welding, MIM, etc., various manufacturing methods are supported.

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Q.Please tell me what materials are available?

A.As long as it is a metal material related to JIS standards and ASTM standards, it is possible to correspond. Regarding castings, component adjustment is possible even without standards. Please inquire in detail.

Q.Is delivery overseas possible?

A.Yes. It is possible.

Q.What else can you do beside the handling of jigs?

A.We also support designing, manufacturing etc. for parts production, mold making, laser cutter and machining, parts for industrial furnace, metal wire basket relation.

Q.How big can you handle it?

A.We have a wide range of achievements such as weight 0.05 kg ~ 370 kg, maximum size 1000 mm × 1400 mm.


Itsuwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

3-510, Chohai, Nagagute-shi, Aichi, Japan 480-1114

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